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Jurianne Matter

Bussum, The Netherlands

Portrait of Jurianne Matter

“I like to create beautiful, warm and festive little rituals relating to important happenings in life. This way they become experiences always to remember.

As a little girl I was already sure that I wanted to become an Inventor of Beautiful Things. After several occupational wanderings, I came ‘home’ in 1991 as one of the first students of the Interior Styling School at Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. This education gave my love of styling and my slumbering talent for inventing beautiful things a sure footing.

I have inherited a passion for textiles, paper and patterns from my mother and my grandmother. Designs and patterns on even the simplest things can make me feel completely happy: a Russian candy wrapper, a roll of drawer paper from Tyrol, or the paper around a French farmer’s bread. My desire to create beautiful things, my love of paper designs and my need for little rituals are all embodied in my work.

At present I work as a freelance designer and product stylist. I design my own paper work, but I also love designing patterns for other companies."

Jessica Nielsen

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Portrait of Jessica Nielsen

"I’m a surface pattern designer who loves to make bold and bright coloured patterns in a graphic style. Most of my designs are inspired by subjects and shapes from nature.

My patterns have been licensed for home textiles, bags, umbrellas, tents, wrapping papers, cards, gift tags and more.

Moodboards and hand-drawn sketches are the basis of my pattern designs. Usually I use the sketches as inspiration for digital drawings / designs, sometimes I scan the original sketches and enhance them on my computer. I work with Illustrator and Photoshop to create pattern repeats."